Selling to AJN can you turn your scrap metal into revenue. We pay top prices for scrap metal  and specialise in new production scrap, including production of:

• Light Steel Cuttings  
• Steel Sheets 
• Steel Punchings 

• Steel Turnings
• Steel Stampings 

• Profile Skeletors
• Profile Offcuts 
•  Steel Bails from the Motor Industry

AJN makes recycling easy with our drop off and collection services, using our fleet of specialised vehicles. We also supply tipping trailers for steel mills and collect and deliver 24/7 with our supreme transport service.
AJN vehicles are fitted with trackers to make sure you get your correct weight back for your scrap material so what you put into the skip or ro/ro bin, you get paid for. We will provide a local public weighbridge if you do not have on site, and don't charge for skips of 12 yards to 40 yards. 

Offering quality services in an area near you.

If you require a total waste management solution, please call the AJN dedicated total waste management team. We will pay top prices for new production scrap, and have outlets worldwide in UK foundries and steel mills. Our payment is prompt on any basis. .

Total Waste Management


Telephone: 07413002042​

UK markets are now rarely used for scrap metal. 75% of the U.K. Scrap goes overseas, allowing AJN to have the best prices for scrap iron and steel.

AJN purchases all grades of scrap metal, and pays the best possible price for a new production non-ferrous metal, from stainless steel grade 304 to pure nickel, including:

• Copper Solids 
• Copper Off Cuts
• Copper Turnings
• Brass Solids 
• Brass Off Cuts
• Brass Stampings
• Brass Rod Number 1/2
• Aluminium Solids
• Aluminium Extrusions 
• Aluminium Cuttings 
• Aluminium Turnings